About Vertical Dissidents

A dissident is someone who thinks differently, often against the established order. We guess it's fair to say that all Vertical Dissidents members are thinking differently, practicing a morale that's not always a 'normal' one..

You can often find us climbing against gravity on granite walls, ice pillars, or snow boulders. Or you can find us shredding down a mountain on skies or sliding on a kayak on roaring water, which forcefully flows through canyons. And if we are not playing on the vertical for a while, we will resist the other elements, and we might be adventure racing or mountain biking.

In general, dissidents often work together. The Vertical Dissidents don't do any different. This group of endurance athletes meets regularly to make beautiful plans, and of course also when these are carried out.

On our website we write about our experiences. We hope to inspire each other and others to look for the adventure. And if you are at home anyway, or at work, you can enjoy it from behind your flat screen.

You can learn more about who we are in our adventure racing team section.