The Adventure Trophy. 

This is a 72h non stop adventure race, and is supposed to be ‘only’ a training race for La Réunion in November (ok, I admit, when you do training races that last 72h non-stop you know you belong to the crazier half of society.. ;) ). The idea is to just to go slow, and to practice transitions, race strategy and racing. We’ve never raced together as a team with Sil being new to expedition racing, and there have been injuries. Finishing will give us the confidence that everything is ready for November. Unfortunately Janne had to drop out due to a broken leg, so we'll start unranked and we'll be racing as a team of 3 instead of 4. It's a real shame, but she's working hard on recovering well and being as ready as she can be for the World Championships Adventure Racing in La Réunion in November.